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The Renaissance Report

January 2021

First Phase of Irrigation Satellite Replacement

I am happy to announce that all of the satellites on the front nine have been replaced with the most current and state of the art irrigation controllers, the Toro LSS. These new satellites will allow for communication between the field and the central irrigation computer, the F.I.U. (field interface unit). Replacing the aged and malfunctioning satellites is a necessary first step in achieving our long term goal of repairing the irrigation system. 

With that said, replacing the satellites is only about 10% of the irrigation system. The remaining 90% of the irrigation system needs to be repaired as well. This consists of leaking and non-functioning lateral valves, broken, leaking, and non-working sprinkler heads, leaking swing joints that connect the sprinklers to our water source, and all other associated irrigation parts.

The golf course property includes over 2,500 sprinkler heads and hundreds of miles of underground pipework, which makes repairs and replacements time consuming. It can take up to two hours to dig out and replace a faulty sprinkler head and underground breaks sometimes require hours of excavation just to determine the exact issue.

Both golfers and homeowners have asked some great questions regarding the irrigation system and I’d like to share and answer the top 3 questions we’ve received:

Question: Why isn’t the area closest to the houses being watered?

Answer: Due to years of neglect there are numerous irrigation lines that are not operative, and our plan is to work from the greens and other key play areas and then to the outlying areas.

Question: A leaking sprinkler head is causing a wet area on the course, how will this be addressed?

Answer: When leaks are discovered, they are first evaluated to determine severity. With many leaks on the golf course, the more severe issues are addressed first and the smaller leaks are documented to be addressed when time allows. 

Question: How do I report an issue I notice with the irrigation system?  

Answer: Emergency issues such as an irrigation head stuck running can be reported by calling the golf shop at 707- 374 - 2900.

Non-emergency items should be communicated by email to the Golf Advisory Committee email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

After years of deferred maintenance, the irrigation system requires adjustments, repairs and replacements. As the process of completing the necessary irrigation improvements and adding the additional irrigation equipment continues, you will see uniformity across the golf course. Thank you for your patience as we continue bringing the course back to the condition it once was in and deserves to be in again.  

Have a topic you’d like to read more about in a future blog post? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we’d like to hear from you!

Brendan Soika, Golf Course Superintendent

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Ground crew installing the last new satellite on the front nine.