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The Renaissance Report

July 2021

Upcoming Events & Projects

It’s been great having events restart in the Monarch Grill and we had a fun night on July 3 when the River Ratz performed as part of our Celebrate America event, the first in-house event since prior to the pandemic.  That was followed up by another fun night, Name that Tune with the UltraSonics on July 24.    In August, we are excited to have the Ultrasonics return for a band night on August 7 and we have a dinner & dance night August 14, Motown Night with Marquis. 

In golf, July 19 concluded our Monday after the Majors events for this year.  We had great participation for all four of the tournaments and look forward to hosting that series again next year.  The next golf event is scheduled for Friday, August 27.  This will be our First Annual Neighbor-Neighbor tournament, a two-person event open to Trilogy at Rio Vista residents only.  This will be an 18-hole event followed by lunch and prizes in the Monarch Grill.  Stay tuned for more information on this event coming in early August. 

As mentioned previously, West Coast Golf Construction will be onsite in September for the FY21/22 fairway bunker project as well as the drainage project on hole 4.  While we don’t anticipate any hole closures for the bunker project, there may be a need to set up temporary tees to shorten hole 4 while the work is being done to the drainage area and we will provide an update on that as we get closer to the project start. 

The other major capital project of the year will be the pond dredging of the pond on holes 11 and 12.  We have received bids for that project and anticipate that job being awarded soon.  With this pond being one of the two irrigation ponds for the golf course, this project will be scheduled for the late fall or early winter months when the need to irrigate the golf course is less critical. 

As a reminder, as we have major heat waves throughout the summer, it is necessary for our team to prepare for those weather events with additional irrigating to build up moisture in the soil prior to the highest temperature days.  Because of this, we have added additional stakes and ropes in some areas of the course and appreciate golfers keeping golf carts out of those areas.  We also ask golfers to continue following the 90-degree rule while playing. 

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Kandace Clatterbaugh, General Manager