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Golfing at Rio Vista Golf Club in Rio Vista, California offers a unique and enjoyable experience, combining the beauty of the surroundings with the challenges of the course. Located in Northern California, Rio Vista Golf Club provides a pleasant setting for golfers with its moderate climate and scenic views of the area.

The course features native trees and local wildlife, including the California garter snake, jack rabbits, the turkeys, and the occasional coyote, adding a touch of nature to your golfing experience on the Delta.

Rio Vista Golf Club prioritizes water conservation through efficient management practices. Utilizing innovative methods, the club maximizes water efficiency while ensuring a quality golfing experience. Scenic water features, such as lakes and strategically placed ponds, not only enhance the course's appearance but also serve as crucial sources for irrigation and habitats for local wildlife – plus many of the water systems are solar! With careful monitoring of water usage and the use of advanced technologies like weather-based irrigation systems, Rio Vista Golf Club remains committed to optimizing water application and preserving the natural environment.